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Signs of Need

Marriage Counseling

Are there issues in your relationship? 

  • Are you obsessively thinking about divorce?
  • Is contact between partners diminishes and communication and time spent together become less and less?
  • Are you attacking, provoking, blaming or being overly critical of your partner?
  • Is one or both partners seem to be distant, distracted or miles away in their thoughts?
  • Is your sex life different, diminishng, or non-existent?

Bonnie Can Help!

Couples Therapy

Do you feel anxious, depressed or find yourself grieving? If so, you may experience:

  • Disturbances in your sleeping and eating patterns
  • Withdrawn and detached, showing no interest
  • Irritability or bursts of anger
  • Tiredness and lack of energy
  • Heaviness in the chest or throat
  • Hyperventilating
  • The feeling that nothing is real
Some of the symptoms of a mid-life crisis:
  • Fears of aging
  • Anxious, worried
  • Narrowing of interest
  • Fatigue, depression
  • Impulsive responses
  • Closed, withdrawn
  • Rebellion against other people's agenda​
If you feel you're experiencing these symptoms, or think you may have other issues pointing at mental health problems, contact Bonnie Hartley-Selvey, LCSW and schedule an appointment. When you're in need, Bonnie can help!

Bonnie Hartley-Selvey, LCSW


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